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Hair Ginger Shampoo for Alopecia Anti Hair Loss Okeny's

Size: 300ml
Shelf life: three years
Main ingredients: fresh wild ginger, ginger extract factor, deionized water, coconut oil, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed wheat protein.
Suitable for: alopecia and hair loss for any improper hair. Rough hair.

Benefits: effectively clean the hair, scalp sensitive sectors, oily, itchy, scalp nourishing nutrition. nourish hair and scalp, repair dry, frizz, static damaged hair and enhance hair elasticity and smoothness. Repair shrinking hair follicles, balance oil secretion, protect the main components of hair. Restore hair growth features that make hair grow healthy.

Usage: After wetting hair, take the appropriate and gently massage on scalp. after a few minutes you can rinse.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Rowan Schaden

It's fast, do not try.

Kristopher Zemlak

Thank you very much. Package wrapped very quickly. Order this shampoo for the second time, very like. Box was slightly wrinkled, But shampoo without a break.

Clementine Wiza

The Parcel was within 30 days boxes with shampoo slightly dented but the product itself is not affected. Now will try to act in the future will result.

Myrtie Harris

It 'S certainly not so quickly, but still. Well packed. Box squeezed I myself a little when rasspakovyvala. And all is well, bottle beautiful. Smell pleasant, yet that is not actually tried shampoo. Think that nice surprise. Later review

Shanna Wisoky

Shampoo good, after washing the hair soft, look at how much will stay clean. Smells good caramel, seems to me. The Only Thing that dispenser was broken. Delivery about mesyatsev Very good shampoo, I have oily scalp, previously treated dandruff. Now head longer remains fresh dandruff, shampoo smell remains in 2 days.

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