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Hair Growth Intensive Spray for Men and Women

New Ginger Hair Growth Essential Spray Anti Hair Loss Serum 7 Days Effective Germinal Repair Growing Treatment Liquid Men Women

100% Natural Ingredients: Ginger, ginseng, polygonum multiflorum, and grape seed oil, those can effectively prevent hair loss by delivering nutrition to hair root, repair damaged hair, restore the vitality of hair

SPRAY easy to use:

▶ Keep your scalp dry before you use HAIR GROWTH ESSENCE SPRAY.

▶ Two times a day (morning and evening), spray 1ml in one time , (spray 5-6 times) Increase or reduce the dosage according to the specific condition.

▶ If possible, massage for several minutes.

▶Leave it dry and for several hours before you do any thing to your hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Beulah Torp

The order received a bistro but still did not test the try then write the result

Judah Mertz

item looks great i am berly using it will see what happens but it did arrive on time and item looks great really fancy

Arturo Kihn

I’m on my 4th bottle. I also take biotin supplements. I think the 2 things together has made my hair grow back

Jana Stroman

I love, love, love this product. I am on my second bottle and I am noticing baby hairs everywhere, my husband uses it as well! Absolutely love it! Definitely recommend!

Sigmund Parisian

It's small but it's just like the description. I'll use it and share the results later to see what you can do for me

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